Friday, July 20, 2012

A little something for your garden

Hey girlfriends I promised that I would try to post some pictures of some of the items we have for sale here at The Briar Patch. The flowers are suffering with this awful heat we've had, but the shop is still open and we have fun stuff to offer. This vintage bicycle is one of our items. Wouldn't this just be the berries out in front of YOUR garden fence? I know it has to be everybit of 50 years old,  and I think it is a Schwin. The tires are good, and the origional paint is still pretty nice too, and look at this sweet basket. So come on by and take her home with you for only $45.00. Watch for new, old items to be posted. Look forward to seeing you.      

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Folk Art Gathering 2012

                 Well folks, our 2012 Folk Art Gathering went off without a hitch, despite the hot steamy weather. Thank you to all who came out to support small business, without you we wouldn't be able to have this show. Our vendors were real troopers to suffer through the incredible heat, but we had such a good turn out it was worth it. (The popcicles were a real hit). The music was great, we had the New Town Cryers playing folk music and we all really enjoyed it, can't wait to have them back next year. Our thanks go out to Tom from The Country Griller, he always treats us right and has such yummy sandwiches. So thanks again to everyone!
                   So now that that's all settled, back to business as usual. So we all know that the drought has taken a toll on all of our gardens, poor thing. So, the Briar Patch is no exception, but I don't want you to think that plants are all we have to offer  Even if you are not thinking about gardening right now, don't forget we have much more to offer. I plan to start posting pictures of some of our shop items we have for sale. If you are a fan of pintrest (and who isn't) you've probably already been bitten by the decorating bug and you think to yourself "hmm where can I get that stuff", well the answer is ... why at The Briar Patch of course! We have  rustic old screen doors that look so good any place you put them. We even put one up in our kitchen for the door that leads to the basement stairs. (can't have the little ones falling down the stairs, now can we). It looks really sweet and homey there. You'd be suprised how one little thing can change the whole look of things. Old crocks are here, primitive old benches,  just oodles of cool stuff. So if you are into repurposing items, rustic and charming, come on by and see what you can find.  We will be open clear into September and our items are always changing, so stop by sometime, you'll be glad you did. Watch for pictures of our shop, coming soon!