Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Garden Time is coming!

Friends, it going to be that time before you know it. Time to put in your garden and enjoy the summer! If you don't have garden space, don't let that stop you. Here at the Briar Patch we offer garden spaces like this one you see here. The spaces are about 8-10' wide by about 20' long. Big enough to feed a family of 4, plus have food to share. Easy to take care of, water and garden tools are made available. The spaces are ready to start planting the first of May, already tilled and amended. Only organic material is used on these gardens so you don't have to worry about any pesticides or any other nasty stuff. We only have a few garden spaces to offer so get your's reserved soon so you don't miss out. We offer these spaces for  $15.00 a month for the 5 month growing season. Come spend some time in the country, you'll be glad you did. E-mail me at to reserve your space.