Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Girls can do things too!

 Just an update to let you know how the new shop is coming along. Might I just say...I is really beginning to look like a home. I am so excited that I get up everyday looking forward to what I can do today! I have to say that I think I might suffer from some form of Adult A.D.D.. It seems that my mind works at warp speed most of the time. One project barely gets done that I start thinking of what I can do next. Now my wonderful husband tolerates my crazy ideas and is always willing to do whatever I ask him to do. I know that he would be willing to do all of these projects for me if I asked him to, but that just isn't in my DNA. I am not one to sit back and watch someone work without lending a helping hand. So instead of doing all of these things for me, he teaches me. Together we have built this whole building (except pouring the concrete floor, we left that to the pros), from the top to the bottom. I learned to cut tin and use a table saw as well as he does. Most days I would have the walls done by the time he came home from work, waiting to see what my next move should be.  Now trim and fancy angles, well, Mr. B. is in charge of those. It has been so much fun to learn all of these new skills. Since the shop is almost finished I have been thinking of what else I can do with my new found skill. Searching the primitive sites on the internet I stumbled across a picture of an old antique rope bed. Oh, did that get my creative juices flowing! So first thing this morning we headed for the shop and by the end of the hour I was up to my elbows in sawdust! My first time using a table router and this is what I did. You are looking at the very first leg for my rope bed, complete with mortise and tendon joints. Whoo Hoo! What can I say....GIRLS RULE! Can't wait to show you my completed project. Be sure and check back later in the week! See you then.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cozy by the fire

Well, The Old Homeplace is truly beginning to feel like home.  I just finished building my first piece of furniture for the shop. After all, what makes a home more cozy than a fireplace? I seem to spend most of my free time searching the county for old barn wood. I have a passion for barn wood that I can't explain. Well, I guess that isn't really true. I find as I get older that memories from my childhood are the foremost in my thoughts, and some of my fondest memories are of my parents and our home in Tennessee. I didn't live there for very many years, but I am inclined to believe that those few years were my happiest. I fondly remember our old house, the land and barns. To look back at pictures of our homeplace now you would have thought we were poor. I think that poor must be a matter of perception, for I never felt that way. At any rate, in those memories someplace came my love for old wood. Tobacco barns are one of my favorites. I still remember my father and brother hanging tobacco at the top of what seemed like a huge barn. I was too young to help at the time so I sat in the back of my dad's old pick up truck and watched on many a hot summer day. Ah, the memories are sweet. So as I work around my "new" Old Homeplace, I enjoy every day the warmth of the old wood that surrounds me. Making me feel like I may have just come home again.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Looking through the windows of time

   Morning friends, as I was walking around the new shop today, I took the time to reflect for a few minutes on what went into building our new place. I just love the looks of The Old Homeplace, it is so cozy and welcoming. Old barn wood and rusty tin cover the walls and even the ceiling of our new place. The majority of our building materials were salvaged wood from barns and buildings in our area. I had so much fun scrounging around in barnyards and old building sites for this wonderful primitive wood. Most of this has been collected over the last few years, but many years before that this whole project had a start before I was even aware of it. I truly believe that God puts opportunities in your path and sits back and just watches to see what you do with them. He has a funny sense of humor that way. I honestly believe this was one of those challenges. One summer day a friend of our contacted us and told us that the old Bourbon Pharmacy was scheduled to be torn down soon and would we be interested in salvaging from it. What an exciting opportunity we thought, what would it be like? What will we find there in that wonderful old building  we wondered.  According to a friend of ours, her mother remembers going to the pharmacy when she was just a child growing up in Bourbon over 84 years ago. As far as we can figure, this wonderful old building  has been standing here for over 100 years. We were excited to see what this old building was like,  so off we went to check it out. Wandering around the old pharmacy was quite an experience and we had fun thinking of all the possibilities. We didn't have any plans for them in mind at the time, but when we were offered the windows from the front of the pharmacy we jumped at the chance. We collected 3 large windows, each with 20 panes in them, so each window measured 5 feet by 8 feet. Now that is a window!
              We carefully packed them away in the barn and they kind of went to the back of our mind. But as the years went by the Lord put more and more opportunities in front of us until we finally came to the conclusion that it was time to build our next building. As we started collecting materials we remembered these wonderful windows. There they were, safely tucked away in the barn just waiting to be put to use. As we started designing the new shop we found that we would  actually have to build the shop to fit around  that old wavy glass from so long ago. As we set the windows into their new home, we couldn't help but notice that the view in all directions is almost breathtaking . In the summertime the sunflower and dappled willows swaying in the breeze catch your eye. As I stand in the warmth of the sun and gaze out across the fields I can't help but wonder what sites these windows have seen. 100 years ago, the sidewalks were still made of wood and the streets were mostly unpaved. Horse and buggy was still the way many folks got to town on Saturday afternoon . Did the pharmacy have a place where the old men gathered and talked or played checkers on a warm summer day? Did children stand and peek over the counter at jars of penny candy and tiny wind up toys? I can only imagine what these windows have seen.
                As the sun warms me through these wonderful old pieces of glass from so long ago, I thank God for putting them in our path so long ago. I hope that if you stop by The Old Homeplace, you will take the time to stand and enjoy the view, feel the warmth of the sun and appreciate the many things these windows have seen.