About The Briar Patch

Set on a 15 acre farm surrounded by horses, cows and corn, The Briar Patch offers a wide range of perennials to choose from. We sell potted plants, but we also sell right from the ground. Selling from the ground is really a better method, because plants are well established to their surroundings. If you've ever taken a plant from a greenhouse at 70 degrees and planted it outside and have it dip down to a good frost, you see how the plant suffers. Our ground plants have adapted to the changes in weather and are very sturdy. You can walk through our gardens and pick whatever plant suits your fancy!  Choose from Iris, Black Eyed Susans, Russian Sage, Daisies, Tansy, and so much more!  

We also have a shop featuring primitive household decor and garden accessories to personalize your own home and garden with old fashioned charm! 

Click here for more on the story of how The Briar Patch was born.